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Entertainer - Timeless Show

​2018 - Present

I created a Magical Music and Illusion Extravaganza that hit The UK in 2018 and ended up getting a residency at Blackpool Pleasure Beach where the show polished up and received Amazing feedback on Trip Advisor. This was the first show I've sang solo in without a my band and it was so terrifying until 10mins into the show and i was like WOW this is awesome. It's a fantastic show that features my self and a female vocalist and illusionists. We have blended Music, Singing, Dancing and Magic Illusions so well to create this truly remarkable variety show.
Entertainer - Splash Showgroup

​1993 - Present


I was keyboard programmer and also programmed lighting and big screen visuals as well as fronting the band throughout the world. I was lead singer but very much involved in the tech side as well.

Music Producer. Splash Productions

​2004 - Present


I have a beautiful Studio all set and ready for action everyday to create creative Media Jingles, Music for TV and Film, Advertising Jingles, Theatre Show Music, Original Compositions and much more. I Can create bespoke tracks to suit your show for backing tracks to incidental music to compliment scenes. 

Why not change your tracks into mp4's and have beautifully designed visuals on big screens to sync perfectly with your music again adding that extra sparkle to your show which is required nowadays in an ever evolving industry

Music Production


Sound and Lighting

Music Programming

Media Design Photoshop

Website Desing

Live Performing




Pro Tools





Adobe After Effects

Final Cut Pro

Ableton Live


Marc's CV

Professional ​
My Profession

I have toured the world as an entertainer and played in venues like Disney Resort and Universal Studios and have played for Clients like Apple, Thomson Holidays. I started producing music for Dance Schools,Theatre Groups which helped me understand what customers wanted and how best to deliver their project. I am creative and versatile and have an easy going manner and great to work with. I use PRO TOOLS recording and can create a simple piano piece to a full orchestrated piece using the latest in software with the latest samples  creating bespoke music with spectacular results. I also am surrounded by first class musicians who are on hand 24/7 to help us stick to deadlines which we never miss.

SAE London

​1996 - 1998

HND In sound and Production and Music Performance. 

Cifap Paris


Ableton Training Course at Cifap training Camp. 

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My Skills 


I have been singing sine the age of 4 and have learned to sing all genres of music inc R'n'B, Pop, Rock, Musicals. I learned from a very early age to do intricate harmonies which i can do with anything now thanks to all the Beatles songs I listened to growing up. I have been lead singer with Splash Showgroup for 25 years and sing everything from Michael Jackson To Queen and From Bruno Mars To Wet Wet Wet. I have a wide variety of musical tastes which i believe is the best way to become the best singer you can. I have done loads of session work in backing vocals and now teach singing as well. Entertaining is another art you have to learn other than singing and this is forgotten with some singers. Singers with presence like Freddy Mercury, Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars are able to hold an audience in the palm of their hand. This is something I've learned to do throughout the years with experience working with audiences from all over the world.


I was trained in Piano and Trumpet from the age of 9 when i started playing both instruments in School. Piano lead me into the world of keyboards and music programming after watching Fame and Bruno Martelli was the inspiration for that. From age 16 i had started learning about midi and Recording. Having a great relationship as a youngster with the local music shop owner Tom Findlay who was a great help in starting my career which i think for anyone is paramount. I continued to do Paper Rounds, Car Wash's to get the money to build up my studio equipment, band equipment and then from the age of 22 I Made the decision to leave the building trade and start Splash,which i had served my time doing which would be an asset when building studios in later years. I know play Drums, Trumpet, Piano, keyboards and Singing.


Now being trained in Pro Tools with Training in Ableton, Reason, Final Cut Pro and Adobe PhotoShop and After Effects its given me the tools to not only produce great music but create great shows with lighting and visuals all programmed and can do it all from my studio.

Creating Music I've always found easy as for years i did tracks for Sunfly creating tracks identical to the original track and have now moved on to creating tracks for Original Artists, tribute Artistes, Theatre Shows, Media Jingles and music for TV & Film including BGT and X Factor. I have my own studio where I can create Music for every situation, Create lighting and visuals for shows, with my green screen I can produce the best publicity for shows and make promo videos for them too. Everything in the creative industry i've learned to do to the highest level. 

I'm now creating albums for the Music Kitchen Label and Concert Show Tracks for the Tribute and Show World.

I have created and produced music video promos and eye catching videos for social media using Final Cut and Adobe After Effects which i've used to create live visuals for big screen content for touring production shows.

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