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Concert Show Tracks - Live Concert Version Backing Tracks


Concert Show Music By Marc Andrew

Concert Show Tracks are now one of the biggest suppliers of show music for TV, Film, Theatres, Tribute Artistes, Dance Companies, Cruise Shows And Entertainers  from throughout the world. I have now become one of their main programmers and have created of 60 tracks for their stunning live versions of the biggest stars in the world's live concert versions of their songs. This allows Tribute Artistes and Entertainers to perform with the best music they will ever sing with and have that same energy that they see when they go to see their idols live concerts. 

Working on an album takes me a week to perfect the original versions from the concerts then recreate them to be identical from music to backing vocals.

Thats What I Like - 24k live Tour Backing Tracks - Marc Andrew
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Just The Way You Are Cover - 24k Live Tour Backing Tracks - Marc Andrew
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The Garden - Thge Circus Tour Backing Tracks - Marc Andrew
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Ragdoll Poster New.jpg


Ragdoll The Musical - Written For Per4mance Works Music By Marc Andrew

The story begins at a late nineteenth century travelling carnival, where an ageless enchantress, Ms Dalziel, sees her vindictive and vain adopted “granddaughter” Saffron fall foul of a gypsy curse. Saffron is turned into a rag doll for a hundred years, cursed to experience every moment as something foul and despised: but when two of the carnival employees, the bumbling Penn and Blake, accidentally give Saffron away as a prize at their coconut shy, Ms Dalziel must enlist their unwilling aid to find her lost granddaughter before the carnivals sinister Ringmaster does.

Meanwhile, through Saffron’s eyes, the lives of three generations of one family are

seen unfolding as she becomes entangled in their destiny. But at the end of a

century, when the powers of love and revenge meet to fight for Saffrons soul, who

will win?


With a mixture of gothic fantasy and unforgettable music, the epic new musical Ragdoll

marks a new standard in contemporary musical theatre.

Girl In The Mirror - Marc Andrew - Ragdoll The Musical
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More To Me - Marc Andrew - Ragdoll The Musical
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Master Of Evil (The Clown March) - Marc Andrew - Ragdoll.
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Da Vinci The Album 

This Amazing Collections Of Music Inspired by Da Vinci was released at the same time the Tom Hanks Film The Da Vinci Code Came Out and made a mass sale on itunes and google play and sold over 43000 cds worldwide and proved to be a big hit with the audience. 3 original tracks I had created went onto the album and have since been used in film and TV and have gone on to sell loads on various albums. I love creating brand new music for other peoples ideas and help bring their visions to life. Its fun and is when I am at my most creative. Here below is 2 samples from the album 


Negotium - Marc Andrew - The Davinci Code
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Vitruvia - Marc Andrew - The Devici Code
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Photograph Of You Single by Marc Andrew


Photograph Of You
The Song sees a guy find a photo at an old booth in a train station and falls in love with the girl in the picture. He start to look for her social media and every day goes to the train station to see if he can find her. But unfortunately the truth is not what he wants to believe but her happiness means more to him,
Photograph Of You - Marc Andrew
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you can run but you cant hide copy.jpg
You Can Run But You Can't Hide
 A chilling tale of Supernatural Revenge.
After the tragic suicide of a classmate, a group of friends find they blame  themselves for her death... and they're not the only ones. This mixed with a perfect soundtrack of music that compliments the movie and heightens the fear and sets the tone for this amazing teen horror film.
When I created the music for this film I had been given the film in its entirety and created the music as I went through it. some of the crescendo accents in the music are just me getting a fright at certain moments and that made good for the same points to give the audience the same reactions.... I hope :)
Contains Scenes of moderate horror and violence


You Cant Hide - Marc Andrew
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